Welcome to my rather plain page
(I'm a minimalist)

Speaking of minimal, if all you care to do is shoot me an email, pick your favorite:

Here's a quick link to my résumés

I have two résumés:
One is long, mainly for headhunters technical recruiters and other folks looking for background info and who don't care about readability.
It has a lot of detail and it goes farther back.
Detailed résumé

The other résumé is short. It's more concise, and it's aimed at HR types and folks who don't need so much detail.
Short résumé

If you're interested in personality, writing style, and opinions, try one of my personal sites:

My blog, Mushrooms to Motorcycles,
a site about writing, The Writing Rag,
a site where I offer for sale some (pretty good) games for groups of people,
and a site about weeds.
Finally, a site I wrote for a local (now defunct) travel club called Serenity Travel. The site is called Travel with me.
Here are some photographs; sorry, no industrial photos of scientific instruments.
My LinkedIn profile.
I'm an Expert Author at ezinearticles.com, and you can find several informative, interesting articles by me there.

You can find me on Google+ and Facebook, too.

Three letters of recommendation

From HenryMerle, and Dan. When I read Merle's letter, I told her I didn't know I was so good. She replied that she forgot to add "humble." Dan forwarded me a questionnaire he received from a prospective employer who picked somebody else.  You can also find several recommendations on LinkedIn.

Some samples

Most of my work during the past decade is under confidentiality agreements, so I can't use them as samples. Look on it as proof that I won't betray a confidentiality agreement. Most of it was rather boring, anyway.
I have a pile of hard copies you can look at if you ask me to bring them to an interview.

Here are a few pages from the computer courseware I developed. 
This much longer sample is about fixing a laboratory instrument. I have permission to use this, but don't go dragging it around to the competition, okay?
Two samples from my last place of employment that doesn't have a confidentiality agreement: A mission statement prepared for the Chamber of Commerce, and a small safety poster.